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Does gender diversity boost performance?

ACCA research has suggested four fundamental rules for diversity and inclusion. The ultimate aim is to create an environment where everyone can achieve their potential and organisations can reap all the benefits associated with a more diverse workforce.

With gender equality issues and pay transparency at the top of politicians’ and policymakers’ agendas - from Christine Lagarde to the European Parliament – ACCA has published a briefing paper that aims to help CFOs, senior finance professionals and HR professionals working alongside finance teams to understand the value of gender diversity and make the business case for diversity to their peers.

The report – Increasing gender diversity to boost performance - says that many barriers still exist to achieving more equal representation of women, and other social groups, in senior management positions. These hurdles include lack of commitment to diversity initiatives around the business, pressure to focus on short-term financial results and lack of investment in training and mentoring. 

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